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Bryan Texas Utilities


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Application for New Residential Service(s)

Please allow us 2-3 hours to process your application. We will send an email with your account number once the application has been completed. The email will include your deposit amount to be paid. Deposit amounts are either $145.00 (electric service only) or $180.00 (electric, water, waste water, solid waste and drainage & transportation services).

Important Information About Your Initial Payment

After you receive your email reply with your deposit amount, you’ll be asked to call our Customer Service number at 979-821-5700 and speak with a representative. We will verify your connection information and then transfer you to our secure payment system to pay your deposit. You will not be able to set up your online payment account until 24 hours after your connection date.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact BTU Customer Service.
If services are required same day, this application must be submitted before 4 PM.
Do not Fax or Email this page. If you prefer to use Fax or Email, please print the PDF application.

Primary Applicant

Name (First, Middle, Last):
Date of Birth:
(Must be 18 or older to apply for service)
Driver's License #:
Driver's License State:
Drivers License Image:

(.pdf, .jpg, .png, .tiff)
Social Security #:
Email Address:
Mailing Address for BTU Bills:
Zip Code:
Add Co-Applicant       Add Authorized Contact

Address to be connected:

House #:
Full Street Name:
First Page and Signature page of Lease/Proof of Ownership:
Desired connection date:
NOTE: BTU can only connect services Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays.
Additional comments/instructions:
  1. The Applicant acknowledges that utility accounts and deposits are not transferable between individuals and that the utility deposit will only be refunded in the name on the account. Utility deposits will be refunded upon disconnection of service and then only after the final bill has been applied.
  2. The Applicant acknowledges that the meters are the property of the City and that they may be turned on or off only as authorized by the City.
  3. The City has the right of access to meters whenever necessary. Failure to provide permanent access to meters may result in disconnection of service.
  4. I agree that BTU may hold me responsible for the past unpaid utility bills of any person that I allow to live with me or to occupy any building that has utility service in my name. I authorize BTU to transfer the balances of such unpaid utility bills to my account and to disconnect my utilities if those balances are not paid in full.
  5. Any unauthorized connection or disconnection of a meter is illegal and will result in the immediate termination of service and will be presumed to be the act or fault of the applicant.
  6. If at any time there is failure to pay when due any charge for service or repair, the City may discontinue service to any and all meters in the name of the Applicant until arrears and all appropriate fees are paid.
  7. The City is not responsible for loss resulting from interrupted service.
  8. The Applicant also agrees to abide by and consider as part of this contract any ordinance, rules and regulations the City adopts concerning utility service, Municipal and Rural.
RIGHTS OF APPLICANT: If there is a dispute concerning billing, the Applicant has the right to a consultation with the Utility Customer Service Department, BTU, 205 E. 28th Street, telephone number (979) 821-5700.